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The 8th Day of Action to Stop Wage Theft

12 days of actionToday is the 8th Day of Action in the Workers Action Centre’s campaign to Stop Wage Theft against Ontario’s most vulnerable workers.

At the link following, you will find Agripina’s story. She recounts how she had to go to the Ontario Labour Relations Board to win $8,000 owed to her by her employer.

At the bottom of the page on this link, there is an email set up to send a message to the Minister of Labour demanding action to enforce protection for workers against the kind of experience that Agripina had.


SPNO is sponsoring this 8th Day of Action in support of WAC’s campaign to Stop Wage Theft.

We urge you to send a message to the Minister and to promote similar action today throughout your organization and your local community networks.

The holiday season will be happier for all Ontarians when all workers receive a fair return on their labour.



One Response to “The 8th Day of Action to Stop Wage Theft”

  1. On Sunday I met friends whose daughter worked for 3 months at a job, but only got paid for 2 weeks. And it was the second time it happened it happened to her. She desperately needed the job, and employers know there is a vast pool of desperate people who can be exploited this way. I’ve heard of others in the same boat. the government must allocate far more resources to address this issue, and enforce the relevant laws.

    Posted by Murray MacAdam | December 18, 2012, 3:20 pm

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