Cross Community Mobilization

Marvyn Novick, cofounder of CAMPAIGN 2000 and contributor to the SPNO, and Peter Clutterbuck, SPNO Community Planning Consultant, have been on the road since March with a presentation to initiate community discussion on creating a poverty free Ontario..

Called “Human Dignity for All: Working for a Poverty Free Ontario”, the presentation makes the case for moving from poverty reduction to poverty eradication strategies in Ontario. PFO presentation (PDF) (Updated July 4, 2011)

Community Presentations and Discussions

Since March presentations and community discussions have been held in:

Cross-Community Leadership PFO Event

On Thursday, May 5, at the Orchard View Public Library in Toronto more than 85 participants from 17 communities and several sectors (faith, health, disability, food security, community legal advocacy) came together for a presentation and discussion of SPNO’s Poverty free Ontario initiative.

Sponsored by the SPNO, the event was launched by John Palmer, a poet from Sudbury, who has has described the life of poverty compellingly in verse


Deirdre Pike of the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton and the 25 in 5 Hamilton Network for Poverty Reduction followed John Palmer with some inspirational words on moving from poverty reduction to poverty eradication strategies in Ontario.


Marvyn Novick presented Human Dignity for All: Working for a Poverty Free Ontario making the case for three key priority areas of action to eradicate poverty in Ontario within this decade:

  1. End deep poverty by upgrading social assistance
  2. End working poverty by assuring basic minimum wages
  3. Protect food money by phasing in a full housing benefit

In discussion, participants generated ideas for local action to make poverty eradication part of the debate during the provincial election campaign in 2011 and shared election activity that might be undertaken across communities to the same end.

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