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PFO Bulletin #5: What is This Election Going to be About?

Is it going to be about the leader of the governing party winning a third mandate?

Is it going to be about the leader of the opposition party claiming power with a tax-cutting agenda?

Is it going to be about the third party leader riding the momentum of her federal cousins to power or significant gains?

Is the election going to be all about the fortunes of political leaders and their respective parties?

Or, is it going to be about the people of Ontario and the issues that affect their quality of life? Education, health, the environment, jobs, living conditions.

We in the Poverty Free Ontario initiative and representing twenty communities across this province are concerned that 1.7 million children, parents, and individuals in Ontario are living in poverty, the highest poverty rate in the province in the last thirty years.

Only a few short years ago, many of these people never imagined that they would be unemployed, losing their homes, applying for social assistance, and visiting food banks.

What is this election going to be about?

We believe that some part of the election debate must be about the hunger and hardship that so many living in poverty experience daily, weekly, monthly.

And we believe that this discussion must happen during this election not only for their right to live with some measure of health and dignity but also because a poverty-free Ontario would:

  •   be a healthier community for all of us,
  •   make the economy work better for all of us
  •   help the political system better reflect the interests of all of us.

What is this election going to be about?

Poverty Free Ontario is not a political party and we will not be running candidates for elected office.

But, we are convinced of the decency and compassion of the Ontario electorate and that Ontarians will support policies that ensure no one is left behind.

If our politicians and parties will not talk about an agenda to end poverty in this province, then we will bring the question to Ontarians directly.

We will display our support for a Poverty Free Ontario in our election signs and campaign pamphlet during the campaign.

We will encourage people to visit www.povertyfreeontario.ca and see how poverty in this province could be eradicated within this decade if our provincial government starts to act now.

We will ask our candidates in local debates, on our doorsteps, and through the media: “If elected what would you and your party do in the next four years to end poverty in Ontario?”

We will give our best efforts to make this election, not about the fortunes of political leaders and parties, but about the health and dignity of an Ontario where everyone belongs and all are included.

That’s what this election should be about.


2 Responses to “PFO Bulletin #5: What is This Election Going to be About?”

  1. There is nothing that drives me more crazy than to see our Government wasting away Canadian’s tax dollars on military war machines, G8/G20 backroom security deals,sponsorship & e-health scandals, exorborant salaries and pensions, just to name a few, and then proclaim that it would be us that would waste the tax payer dollar. How stupid do they think we all are? It’s no wonder we’re all so frustrated with this ridiculous system. Let’s be heard this October and give them no choice but to listen. Bravo PFO.

    Posted by R.D. Gray | August 16, 2011, 7:55 pm
  2. When the politicians come to my door, they will be talking about average “families”, making $93,700 a year (before tax), and how they want to do all sorts of things to reduce the taxes they pay … I can’t relate to this, because for every dollar I earn, 50% of it goes to pay for ODSP for my husband. I AM SUBSIDIZING ODSP by MY work, and after all my own taxes, excluded expenses, etc. I get to keep about fifteen cents for every dollar I take in. When millionnaires get to keep sixty to sixty five cents of every dollar they receive. Somebody has to tell these politicians how we don’t give a damn about taxes; I want to be freed from their poverty trap they legislated me into.

    Posted by Angela | August 16, 2011, 3:27 am

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