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Local Study and Action on Poverty Eradication in Toronto

More than 60 congregants of the Eglinton St. George’s and Fairlawn Avenue United Churches gathered on September 14 in north Toronto to hear and discuss the proposals of Poverty Free Ontario for eradicating poverty in the province within this decade.

The SPNO’s Peter Clutterbuck made a presentation on Poverty Free Ontario and took questions from a very engaged and committed audience.

After question period, those assembled worked in small groups to identify what action they might take to bring their concerns about poverty forward to candidates running for election.

At the end of the evening, on behalf of SPNO Peter Clutterbuck presented Rosemary Pryde and Jannie Mills with a Poverty Free Ontario T-shirt (one of only three produced) as a gesture of gratitude for the funding contribution of Fairlawn Avenue United Church, which enabled SPNO to support cross-community organizing on Poverty free Ontario in 16 communities throughout the province.


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  1. Know of a worker who once worked for a firm that paid the minimum wage. This owner went on to sell the business for a huge profit , this while your tax dollars where spent providing housing assistance and other social supports for the family!
    Some have suggested that increasing wages is the answer , while the answer looks good , look at the price of goods that go up or the hours of work that go down for most workers who see no change.
    Questions to all Candidates.
    1 Are you or your party pro helping reduce poverty ?
    2 Are you ok with forcing some irresponsible business out of tax payers pockets books by getting their workers off needless social supports. (How)
    3 or are you ok with tax payers subsiding profit take at the expense of workers and their family’s ?(dollar figure and length of time )
    4 What level of profit take is ok with your party while social costs mount for tax payers and hurt the working poor.(comments on theme )
    5 Is it ok for voters to call a business and ask that a worker be paid more in wages to a profitable firm ?

    Posted by chimneyside Broadcasting | September 16, 2011, 4:57 pm

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