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How to improve Ontario’s social assistance system

In Greater Sudbury, the community came together to discuss the questions posed by the Commissioners.  A robust conversation that included recipients of social assistance, those who deliver the benefits and community agency staff who work supporting those who try to live on social assistance resulted in several recommendations to the commission.  Organizers speak with CBC staff. Click the link below to hear the interview:



One Response to “How to improve Ontario’s social assistance system”

  1. Hopeless Hope http://wp.me/pAqHN-j /via @wordpressdotcom
    What do you think of this letter to the editor from Former Radio Broadcaster .Impoverished by greed.

    Letter to the editor

    Hopeless Hope

    Hopeless Hope is when you are falsely lead to believe that you can work your way out of poverty on min wage and lead to believe that you will get housing supports or other social services.
    What party will see it end ?
    There a many in out area who are robbed of pay and put under stress needlessly. Not no mention underpaid by profitable firms.

    On a personal note I once worked for a firm that paid the minimum wage. This owner went on to sell the business for a huge profit , this while your tax dollars where spent providing housing assistance and other social supports for our family!

    Some have suggested that increasing wages is the answer , while the answer looks good , look at the price of goods that go up or the hours of work that go down for most workers who see no change.
    So I would suggest this based on the experience I found while working in the area.
    We need to think about means testing business ,Perhaps a grace period for those who come and set up , but state how long and at what profit levels we will allow and provide social supports for their workers to help the business build. Voters need to be told how long they will be required to buy goods or services and yet again have to purchase though taxes related social costs for family members or children affected by the forced poverty.
    I know this seems an expense , but this is going on now
    with no costing and little easing of poverty related problems.
    We set up rules to insure tax dollars go to those in need when it comes to poverty , we need to insure that Business that are in our area do not keep those very same workers in need while they profit take at our expense !
    The goal here on my part is to raise awareness , have you visit
    Then vote to decide if your willing to subsidize profit taking.

    Posted by Thomas Dowswell | September 1, 2011, 8:36 am

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