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TVO AgendaCamp in Sudbury Finds Poverty Top Concern

TVO’s The Agenda visited Greater Sudbury on Sunday June 26 and engaged close to 100 community members in a dialogue to discern key questions for this fall’s election.

The number 1 question coming from the group was “In 2009 almost 1.7 million people in Ontario were living in poverty costing Ontario households up to $2,900.00 year in related costs to health care, education, housing, criminal justice and lost productivity.  Eradicating poverty would realize billions of dollars in savings in all of these areas.  What is your vision for an Ontario without poverty and how do you propose we get there?”

Listen to responses from representatives of the 3 major political parties. The poverty question was asked last, so the responses are near the end of the taping, starting around the 36:00 minute mark.


One Response to “TVO AgendaCamp in Sudbury Finds Poverty Top Concern”

  1. They did an agenda thing in Niagara as well, except they met in Niagara on the Lake on a Sunday where nobody can get to unless they drive. So, of course, those present did not represent the issues accurately, as poverty and transportation are the two biggest in Niagara, wrapped around our major loss of good paying jobs.

    Posted by Angela Browne | July 6, 2011, 3:37 pm

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